Saturday, July 07, 2007

Questioning Values

Yesterday's training on sexual assualt had an interesting exercise where standing in the middle of the room, we were read a question that we would walk to one side of the room (one wall marked "A" the other "B"--there was no standing in the middle. Since this was the first day of training, the questions were more about our sexual mores and values.

Some sample questions:

1. A: Have a child at 16, or B: Never have kids
2. A: Only have same sex or B: No sex ever
3. A: Teens can all have sex or B: Teens have no sex at all
4. A: Only anonymous sex or B: No sex ever
5. A: FInd your life partner at 18 or B: Stay single forever

The last question was a bit extreme that I don't want to post it; ask me about it in person!

All in all, it made for interesting discussion regarding why we chose what side we picked. It was also a reminder that I'm no longer in Christian "Kansas" anymore, are we Toto?

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