Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gardens and Justice and Ahab

I just finished reading this book, and despite some of its melodramatic writing, the main thread of this book was cool, where each of the ethnic gardens surveyed from New England to the West coast was about gardening's connection to social justice.

The deeper I go into gardening, it moves beyond a therapeutic, individual hobby to something where the production of our food is social and political, where it can become a struggle for power, identity, and values. And the underdog champions in this book are the small gardener/farmers who are either facing a bleak future preserving the past or finding some new hope after escaping poor or oppressive pasts.

I was also interested in how Scipture used the word "garden" after this and if there was any connection to social justice. The strongest one was about the story of King Ahab who coveted Naboth's vineyard, asking to buy the land so he could plant his vegetable garden (1 Kings 21). Naboth's answer to Ahab didn't really resonate until now as I read about Native Americans and others who speak of "their" land in ancestral terms:
"The LORD forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my fathers." Doesn't seem like asking much from our Western views of land and property, but the "inheritance of my fathers" is more than just a piece of dirt--it's about memory, identity, and respecting the past. The story becomes an issue of social justice in that the powerful king takes it through murdering Naboth, the weaker and innocent victim. From this incident we see the final judgment on Ahab and his house put into motion.

Good "food" for thought :P


eunice said...

Where does Jezebel fit into this? Haha.

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Hey, when are you going to post again?! I think it's about time! :P