Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tradition and Culture

We watched "The Queen" last night, which was a great movie that revolved around the events following Princess Di's sudden death (more than 10 years ago already!). I had forgotten the reverence given to her by the British collective psyche (if not the world) when they showed the archival footage of the mass of flowers in front of Buckingham Palace; something we Americans probably can't really fathom. I'm just glad we don't have one. Talk about drama (at least in this movie version)!

Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that this movie was an excellent reflection of the tensions regarding the modern church's response to "culture."
The queen and monarchy obviously represent those who want to uphold tradition and resist any sort of "giving into the masses." Some of the anti-monarchists in the movie try to ride the people's outcry at the lack of response by the vacationing royal family.
And Tony Blair, newly elected PM, is caught in the middle.

I think deep down, I am more of a Tony Blair, hoping to change the unchangeable. But the deep dissatisfaction makes me sound like an anti-monarchist (so to speak). And I'm certainly saying more "nos" to the "change from within" opportunities in traditional church ministry.

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