Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Wicked Mother's Day

I had been mulling a way to make Mother's Day special for Tammy last Thursday when later that evening someone had tickets to "Wicked" that they needed to unload. So after some bargaining, I found the perfect gift, since she had been wanting to see this musical for quite some time now.

So we went with some CEFC friends this afternoon and I ended up enjoying it. I wasn't too thrilled about it going in, just going more because Tammy would enjoy it and I'd get to experience the Pantages (like the San Gabriel civic auditorium on Miracle Gro) and walk on a bit of the Walk of Fame in Hollywood...almost 10 years and I haven't even done the obvious touristy thing until now!

The hook for me was the subversive nature of the narrative which overturns the simplistic good vs. evil dynamic of the original Oz movie. I'm all about being subversive...but the bittersweet ending felt like pandering to the audience--or was it subverting the source story again? Son of a witch!

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