Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ethnic Workers' Summit '07

Although we realized that the median age of attendees of this conference was probably 40s and above, we did meet some great people doing good work all around the Pacific Northwest. The conference speakers were typical and OK, with lots of references to John 4. The workshops were just so-so, but the last one we took on Buddhism was great, because the speaker was clear and informed on the topic.

The best part was stuff that's not always planned; eating a meal with others. Since we didn't know anyone else, we ended up sitting with new people each time, and got to hear about what God is doing in different areas, churches, and ministries. Someone even eagerly volunteered to pray for us in our church planting adventure.

I feel stuffed with opportunities, networks, and other Christian co-workers of the Kingdom. Time to shift the balance and start living it out.

Top: At the SIM Missions booth
Bottom: Thai Presbyterian church performance on traditional bamboo instruments of "How Great Thou Art"--like a bell choir.

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