Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seattle's Best

It's always fun traveling with Tammy to new places, and even better when it's sunny like it has been for the past few days in Seattle. We went to Pike Place, the famous fish market and other crafty/unique stores on the waterfront. It apparently was very much a Spring theme with all the tulips in the flower stalls. It's the kind of community gathering place that we need more of in LA--and I don't mean more malls! You rub shoulders with pretty much all kinds of people: rich and poor, different ethnicities, young and old.

I believe part of Kingdom work is what sort of community building we do as the church. And I mean both inside the gathering as well as in the community. If we're about creating space for connection with each other and God, then I think that overflows into helping fragmented communities connect better as well.

And yes, we're at a conference. But I'll post later on that :P

Top: Savoring a cup from the first Starbucks ever. Notice the old school design...scandalous!
Center: Flower market stall snorting.
Bottom: A famous shot of the market. Can you guess what company it's used for?